that feeling when you listen to a song with good heaphones for the first time and suddenly you notice 7 new instruments, a child singing harmonies in the background, and you’re just sitting there wide eyed and in love with the song all over again



"I told you both of us could fit."
"I fucking hate you right now."

I didn’t realize there was two in there


i was really surprised earlier because 2/10 of the faculty heads for the freshman year houses at my school are married to someone of the same gender

and they just casually announced it at an all-school assembly thing and everyone was cool with it

i’m so glad.

my biggest complaint about college life so far: IT REALLY CUTS INTO MY TUMBLR TIME

how am i supposed to keep a blog running and stay up to date on my dash if i have to “attend mandatory events” and “socialize” at the same time?

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It’s really weird trying to explain the differences between Catholicism and other branches of Christianity to people who aren’t religious because it ultimately ends up, “Well this is Catholic, this is Catholic classic, this is Catholic-lite, this is diet Catholic, this is new taste less calories not as popular Catholic, and this is I can’t believe it’s not Catholic.”


The Shape of Ideas


Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts


You see this post is amazing to me for a number of reasons. Nowhere on earth are Uggs of this height made and sold regularly.  The phones, which I am assuming are flip, in this day and age are not sold either due to their being obselete. That means that someone had to either craft from scratch or custom order this boot. They also had to somehow collect enough flip phones to be able to fill the boot. The fact that so much effort went into a single 6 second clip on the internet shows how far the indomitable human spirit can push onward in order to complete a task. I think that’s beautiful.Life is beautiful.