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think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

this just changed my life

@9:01pm on 15 Apr87822+



These are 4 circles that don’t intersect…

I’m fucked up. This fucked me up. I’m fucked. This is fucking fucked up. I’m fucked

@9:00pm on 14 Apr20247+


Game Of Thrones gets auto-tuned and it’s goddamned delightful

@9:31pm on 13 Apr38270+

ideas for the title of my essay on oscar wilde

@9:07pm on 13 Apr10+
oscar wilde;  


can we talk about this.

because we REALLY need to talk about this.

@9:00pm on 13 Apr4687+
plaguehands replied to your post: “remember last year when i pulled an all-nighter to write my history…”:
SAME plus i have a precis to do and, you know, homework for other classes.

oh right… me too

ok but the worst thing about this is that unlike previous years, i can’t bs my way out of this. she wouldn’t buy it at all, so i actually have to write quality stuff. :(

@8:49pm on 13 Apr1+

remember last year when i pulled an all-nighter to write my history research paper? and then said to myself afterwards “i am never ever going to do this to myself ever again”?



@8:31pm on 13 Apr1+
in my defense i have everything done except for the actual analysis;  but yeah i agree i suck;  
"Can you sing a ballad about your Loki hair not being real?" [x]
@9:01pm on 12 Apr16572+
drinking water while watching this video was not a good idea;  tom hiddleston;  i'm so upset;  i'm not even in this fandom;  except i kind of am;  ugh;  


Applause / Pokémon Mash Up IS AMAZING.

@8:49pm on 12 Apr5757+



as far as im concerned this is the high point for all of mankind

truly an inspiration

@8:45pm on 12 Apr13213+
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